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The King by Karnivorous
The King
Meet King Mei'Hadiah, purging demons and such. Tried a different style on this piece.

Personal project
Story of Arqaw

Old Arqaw
Founded by the Tamorrians, the name Arqaw derives from the Tamorrish term "A'Arr Qawrauro" (ay-ar kaw-raw-ro) meaning "Place of Origin" as it was the basis on which the Tamorrians created their civilisation.

New Arqaw
The War of the Awoken. The Underlords brought about by terrible acts of magic known as "fate force" or "fate weaving". New Arqaw was a place in which such acts were widely used to, ironically, dedicate one with a specific fate. Though fate does not truly exist, the Tamorrian people believe it does and so they also believed that through this form of magic, they were able to alter fate. In actuality, they were denying the endless possibilities that should be available and narrowing them down to one. Once fate weaving became a widely used method, an ancient darkness was stirred. The Gods were not pleased. Out of cracks and fissures poured grotesque creations, floods of demonic creatures shrouded the land and laid waste to all in their wake. Unprepared, the greatest civilisations united, bringing various races together as one to repel the attack. Despite their efforts it became obvious that defeat was inevitable when the first Underlord was witnessed. Roth, The Plague Lord. An abomination, a putrid immortal able to cast disease and rot flesh from bone. The Underlords cleansed the land. Once left, New Arqaw was never returned to. Yet it still stands and the unfortunate souls that remained are forever tormented. Many have attempted to enter the old city in search of artefacts but a powerful guard remains, fuelled by insanity, hardened by loyalty.

Syte Ce Arqaw
Though originally named Tamorr Arqaw, to indicate it belonged to the Tamorrians, King Mei'Hadiah (may ha-die-ah) decided to rename it once he'd matured and learnt to understand the importance of multiracial integration and influence. "Syte Ce" simply translates to "City of". Meh'Hadiah had Syte Ce Arqaw built to rejuvenate the Tamorrian people and create a capital which they could take pride in after the tragedy that saw the fall of New Arqaw. He saw great potential for expansion of the city but as it was built on a coastal cliff without much land to expand upon, the greatest Tamorrian architects devised plans to build vertically. This led to Syte Ce Arqaw becoming one of the greatest spectacles in the land which brought many to it's open doors. Along with the masses came trade and economy, workers and soldiers and many more beneficial aspects to the city. This only constitutes as a long past silver lining, these are dark times, rife with war and famine but a proud king still stands strong and confident, high above the disturbing truth. When temptation sets in, the weavers will weave.
Story of Arqaw
Along with the new character I figured I'd upload some of the first bits of writing I've done for my personal project. Here is a bit of backstory for one of the main cities. Enjoy

P.S. Not all of Old Arqaw's story is there.
Gale Lynda Vitori by Karnivorous
Gale Lynda Vitori
Another character for my personal project.

Name: Gale Lynda Vitori (aka The Fly Knight)
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Race: Kajek
Location: Syte Ce Arqaw
Profession: Knight
Appearance: Young looking face, horizontal scar across right of forehead and right of bottom lip, long straight black hair, light grey eyes, slim and healthy figure, muscular legs
Armour: Segmented deep purple armour, chainmail brigandine
Weaponry: Cutless (named Become Ghost) with elaborate hilt and basket-shaped guard, curved stiletto (named Momentum) with weighted hilt to maintain momentum in quick combat, black ceramite throwing knives, smoke bomb, various poison vials

Lore: A knight of King Mei'Hadiah, Gale Vitori is a master of combat, specifically fast pace and close quarters. Known as The Fly Knight for her acrobatic agility and her inhuman leaps, she 'flies' into the heart of the battle. She is one of the 12 knights that defend the king and the city.


No journal entries yet.


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Alex Campbell
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United Kingdom
Sup, I'm 18 and I'm just starting my course in Game Art. I used to think I was better with pen and paper but I'm now thinking that my digital art skills have taken over. I paint various things that interest me (e.g. weapons, vehicles, buildings, characters etc.) and I aspire to become a concept artist. Enjoy.

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